The AMEHSI Specification

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The AMEHSI Specification

An progressive, iterative analysis of the causes of human outcomes, detrimental, beneficent, less than product, biophysiological, behavioral, and idiopathic. 

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Imperative Communications

Choline Kinase Inhibitors, Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors, Management of PEMT and Fatty Acid Assurance, alone, have been shown to be able to remediate almost virtiually every version of Oncology, Lymphoma and Leukemia thus far analyzed by the Literature. The complexity here is that almost every detrimental health status otherwise has also been shown to respond clinically to the same factors. An essential, pervasive inclusion of these into health services practice may be required for optimal outcomes and to comply with standards of care.



To exhibit and make usable factors which alleviate the causes of detrimental Human Health Outcomes and detrimental Human Behavioral outcomes, while promoting preventive, regenerative, productive and beneficent outcomes



  1. Provide iterative analyses of research, data, clinical information, capabilities, and other factors in contiguous perspective in which all systems support, effect, and interact with one another
  2. Synthesis concluding and conclusive assertions about the cause of less than optimal Health Outcomes
  3. Synthesis concluding and conclusive assertions about the cause of less than optimal Behavioral Outcomes
  4. Provide a framework in which each Human Health Status and Behavior outcomes, optimal or less than optimal, can be empirically shown to be alleviated, prevented, reversed or managed to optimal outcomes
  5. Provide iterative progressive presentation of conclusions produced by the Specification
  6. Provide links to progressing research

Excerpt from the Amehsi Specification Executive Summary Document


The AMEHSI Specification, at this instance, has shown clear and compelling information that each detrimental health and behavioral outcome may be the result, empirically and principally, of the factors present here.

  1. Choline Deficiency
  2. Choline Kinase Activity in the Cytosol that proliferatively impairs Ethanolamine Kinase/Phosphatidylethanolamine Methyltransferase Activity
  3. Resultant impairment of Hormone Maintenaince by START Protein Domain Choleterol and Phospholipid Transport
  4. Factors which inhibit Phosphatidylethanolamine Methyltransferase Activity
  5. Deficiency Omega-3 and other Unsaturated Fatty Acids
  6. Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase expression for more than ephemeral duration, changes to biophysiology as a result including Homocysteine being outside of the range of 6 to 3 Micromoles per liter
  7. Changes to how humanity interacts with or processes influences of the Universe as a result
  8. Abatement of some Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase expression when adequate Choline is obtain which causes inaccurate association of Choline with clearly determinable Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity
  9. Sequestration of Natural Resources and ability to obtain the Human Condition away from Humanity in Civilization followed by imposition of requirements within systems of civilization to obtain these while not pervasively assuring that adequate financial or other resources are provided freely to assure the social and Human condition
  10. Systemic intermediation of the ability to obtain the factors that alleviate such detrimental impendance such that potentialities that do not occur in nature occur to transform human outcomes to both beneficial and sometimes detrimental outcomes
  11. The emergence of the organization as a principal way that people obtain such resources such that the objectives of the organization become prioritized over Human outcomes
  12. The requirement for Humans to conduct activity or be productive to achieve the Social and Human Condition requirment of overproduction such that overproduction produces demand which would not inherently or otherwise be exhibited that of individuals among Humanity
  13. The requirement for Humans to conduct activity or be productive to achieve factors which cosntitute the Social and Human Condition, thereby resulting in overproduction, such that overproduction produces demand which would not inherently or otherwise be exhibited.  Similarly, such over production may cause civilization to be susceptible circumtances which require such overproduction, including geopolitical conflict, social upheaval, detrimental behavioral outcomes and deterimantal health status outcomes or events.



Pervasively the factors presented here enable health services interventions pervasively to become transformed into successful outcomes

  1. Choline Kinase Inhibitors
  2. Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
  3. Choline and Phospholipid Pathway Augmentation, along with Folate and Methyltetrahydrofolate
  4. Complete Array of B Vitamins including MethylCobalamin
  5. Assurance of Phosphatidylethanolamine Methyltransferase (PEMT) by making sure that AP-1(x), SP-1(x), S-Adenosyl Homocysteine and Homocysteine (6 to 3 Micromoles Per Liter), and other potetial inhibitors of PEMT are Optimal
  6. Assurance of only Ephemeral and Specifically Appropriate Exhibition of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase
  7. Assured inhibition of Uncouple Nitric Oxide Synthases
  8. Omega-3/Omega-6 Unsaturated Fatty Acid Balance Assurance
  9. Complete whole Food Organic Vitamin Assurance
  10. Adequate Mineral Obtainment
  11. Flavonoid/Carotenoid/Phytochemical Balance
  12. CRISPR CAS Precise Gene Editing Capability
  13. Biomedical Capabilities, Health and Wellness Capabilities
  14. Glandular Supplementation including Kidney Stuff by Golden Standards and such as Liver Pudding which enable Glandular, Connective Tissue and Extracellular Matrix Supplementation
  15. Other diverse capabilities suggested by the AMEHSI Specification, Research, Clinical and Practice Information
  16. Use of Information Systems that Always Map Health Conditions to the Causal Factors Presented here and which always Map Causal Factors to the Empirical Remediation Capabilities, particularly prioritizing biophysiological remediation capabilities but also including any such remediation capability
  17. Inclusion of Information Systems Constructs or Data Fields which Exhibit that the Domicile or Place of Origin of the Health Consumer is in a location which does not utilize demise as a Sanction.  The language of the health consumer, if in a location which does utilize demise as a sanction, should be indicated as another language utilized in an area or location which does not use demise as a sanction
  18. The Provider Location, domicile and place of origina, likewise, should be indicated as being in Areas which do not exhibit demise as a sanction
  19. A Clinical Health Information System should be utilized which captures the "Essential Indicators, Super Indicators or Ubermarkers" presented by the AMEHSI Specification for each Health consumer and Helath interverntion, such that each health consumer can have such indicators managed to the characteirstics of populations with the most optimal health status.
  20. Health Services Organizations should produce and implement policies and directives the prohibit the exhibition of human demise, detrimental health status outcomes, and detrimental health outcomes themselves, apart from the health consumer or individual, regardless of how these might occur, and regardless of if such objective is acheivable
  21. Areas should produces and implement social constructs which prohibit the exhibition of human demise, detrimental health status outcomes, and detrimental health outcomes themselves, differently and apart from human behavior, inclination, or individuals.
  22. Program Management should be implemented which assures that Ideals are clearly represented in programs, social constructs activity, as well as the ability of each to achieve intended outcomes are persisently monitored while collateral and generational effect are assured to be consistent with Ideals and not only consistent with contextual nuances of objectives in which the ends are allowed to justify the means.
  23. Systems, Organzations, and Programs should be able illustrate that achievement of any objective, directive or goal does not require the exhibition of Humand demise or detrimental human outcomes.
  24. Humanity, then, might be able to adequately consider, prioritize and meet the challenges to its persistent productive, beneficent progression, without, itself, being a principal impedance in achieving such consideration, prioritization and resolution.


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