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The AMEHSI Specification 

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Urgent Information

A New Reductive Analysis has been produced which may tranform the consideration of Human health.  Select this link to go directly to such document.  Essentially, the AMEHSI Specification Compellingly Synthesis Industry Information to Illustrate Human oncology, pathology pervasively, detrimental behavior all are incipiently caused by a deficiency in choline, phospholipid synthesis impairment, atrophy of the Phospatidylethanolamine Transferase Enzyme, and shared exhibition of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase and Uncoupled Nitric Oxide Synthase by environment, pathogens and pathegenic biophysiological processes. Although there are other factors exhibited as complicating factors and progressive aspects of these pathologies, pervasive human oncology, leukaemia, lymphoma, genetic conditions, viral or microbial afflication, detrimental behavior, injury and impairment may be able to be allevaited by Choline Kinase Inhibitors, Inhibitors AP-1, management of homocysteine to between 6 and 3 micromoles per liter, Inhibitors of SP-1, assurance Phosphatidylethanolamine methyltransferase activity, balanced omega-6/Omega-3 Fatty acids and a list of Ubermarkers presented for diagnostics, therapeutics and analysis at the point of care.

The AMEHSI Specification is a innovative distillation of the causes of detrimental health status, detrimental behavior and detrimental outcomes into shared factors which are both indicative and causal.  These factors are utilized to a produce a system that transforms health, care organizations, program management and development, systems objectives, product and project management through improvement in analysis, objectives and essential planning, strategy and precision.   

Such a system focuse on these factors.  

  1. How all systems may componets of a system of systems that encompasses all things
  2. How all systems interact with all other systems
  3. How any isolated system is an impossibility, although theoritically, comparatively, and analytically useful
  4. Why and how a health condition emerges
  5. How and why a health condition persists
  6. Why and how a health condition progresses
  7. How and why a health condition imparts detriment
  8. Quantum, atom, molecular, genetic, cellular, metabolic, tissue, organ, systemic, perceptive, cognition, behavior, nutritional, environmental, spatial, electromagnetic and other causal factors in such regard
  9. The reduciton of these factors to changes in environment, Ionic, pH, PK, genetic expression, thermodynamic, prossurization, molarity, molecular availability and structure
  10. How these result in impairment of inherent stabilization, repair, regeneration, and consciousness assurance pathways.
  11. How these are required, incipiently enabling of or proximately causal to pathology
  12. Systematic reversal   obeing the same or how these connect to all other systems
  13. Improvements by considering and improving why an outcome emerges, how it persists, how it imparts detriment and how progresses.  

At this instance, of the health conditions which have been analyzed in the research literature, including adverse behavioral outcomes, human events, less than optimal program, product or service, all of such outcomes have solidly and compellingly the results of the dynamics presented in these analysis.  Resultantly, the analyses have presented somewhat detailed review of particular systems processes, showing detrimental human outcomes to be pervasively the result of interactions between systems of humanity, natural and contrived within civilization, universes level to subquantum level, with humanity in the middle.  Thus, humanity pervasively may be seperate from causality although cyclic inclusion of humanity in system cycles makes humanity conveniently able to be associated with tangible aspects of outcomes, although outcomes pervasively have incipient, progressive, cyclic, systemic, intangible, and sometimes ephemeral causality that have much more determinant influence. The intent of these analysis is to illustrate clearly to the philosopher, program manager, physician, health organization, public or privage organization, business, researcher, educator, actors of systems, those interacting with systems, educators, artists, scientist, students, legislator, executive, reviewers of human outcomes and disposition, individual, population, nations, humanity, and those hudddled masses whom yearned to be free and may have yet that incurrence of such yearning, humanity pervasively conducts itself far afield of thier incipient hopes, ideals, requirements, goals and objectives.  Pervasive aspects of human outcomes are produced by cyclical interactions of humanity with systems which progress to an outcome. Extricated from subjective inhibition by this vidiciation of all among humanity,  thus, when reviewing these analyses, one should prepare to be moved. 

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Right now, the specification empirically illustrates pathology as the following. 

  1. Choline pathway deficiency
  2. Phospholipid pathway deficiency or inadequacy
  3. Deficiency in DHA, Decosahexaenoic Acid, EPA, and other Omega-3 Fatty acids
  4. Imbalance of Omega-3 to Omega-6
  5. Persistent expression of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase as a unifying progression of pervasive pathology
  6. Uncoupling of Nitric Oxide Synthase
  7. The Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase, Ca2+/L-arginine tunnel and pump
  8. Inadequate Phytochemicals, Carotenoid to Flavonoid balance in particular
  9. Inadequate access to whole food organic complete vitamins
  10. Vitamin B Inadequacy, all versions including B12 Methylcobalamin
  11. Inadequate synthesis and obtainment through nutrition of Amino Acids
  12. Impaired pH and pK resultant of these
  13. Less than optimal status in list of Super Indicators provided by the AMEHSI Specification as Ubermarkers
  14. Progressive effects resultant of these circumstances

If these factors are managed toward optimal levels and optimal statuses are therapeutically achieved, then the research pervasively suggests that pervasive human pathology, detrimental behavior and detrimental outcomes may be destabilized, reversed or prevented. 


If you are a health provider, a behavioral health provider, a health consumer, an acquaintance of a health consumer, provide services to gerontological populations, care for those who are developing, or in anyway effect health status of oneself or others then read this information carefully. 

If there is a health condition which you are not able to intervene, reverse or prevent, or if someone has been told that they have a condition that cannot be helped, then login to this website and read the Forward.  It has a precise regimen that, if followed, may be able to provide the required influence to behavior and biophysiology.  The information here, however, is probably more than 99% able to provide a way to mitigate any health condition or detrimental behavioral health status.    

Importantly, if you are a health consumer, demand that homocysteine be tested for when you see a health or behavioral health providers, as well as incur any detrimental outcome.  If homocysteine is out of the range of 6 and 3 micromoles a liter, then it is an active pathology that is require, indicative and causal of pervasive sudden and progressive adverse health events or outcomes.  If it is not tested for use the fact that it was not tested as primary basis for detrimental behavioral outcomes and use it a reason to obtain services from a provider who will adequatly consider homocysteine as primary human pathologenic factor. 

The empirical research provided here is conclusive that pervasive health services information, clinical capabilities and therapeutic pathways exhibited at the United States National Library of Medicine and pervasive other entities which provide such information.  

Excerpt from the executive summary of the AMEHSI Specification 

Follow this link to the excerpt


  1. 49999 percent reduction in adverse health and behavioral outcomes in prospective Programs and Health Industry Populations
  2. Prospective reengineering of health industry operations, billing, payment, and qaulity monitoring
  3. Improvement of distributed software and internet applications by thousands of percent in performance, availability, scalability and reliability
  4. Improvement financial performance of National health programs by $1 Trillion annually in a prospective program conservatively, and multiple trillions in comprehensive omnibus group of prospective social improvement programs
  5. Improves innovation performance by millions to billions in prospective programs
  6. Reduces human adverse health statuses and pervasive indicative, causal and required contributing factors in logic and anlytics, which can transform the provider, health insurance, research, development and agency into high performing outcomes focused organizations
  7. Program and Policy management, feedback, analysis, and continous quality improvement integration into every systemic or organizational initiative

It is amazing what one or many among humanity can achieve when there is not ability to attribute causality to any among humanity.  It is even more amazing to see what may be achieve within civilization when systems pervasively are not able have causality attributed to them, being replace only be continous quality improvement centered upon objectives and metrics that clearly enable improvement and which clearly indicate improvement. However, in such context, one is able to clearly understand the incipient, essential, required and proximate causal factors which are both indicative of detrimental and optimal outcomes as well as being causal.  Solutions, then, occur, which are substantially pareto, beneficent, productive and effect, supplaning interest driven outcomes determined by factional interactions. 

....then they were shown the ways and promise of liberty. Then they became more susceptible to both excellence and outcomes considered very distant from productiveness and beneficence than ever before. Systems of liberty, however, were able to bend all of these to the incipient hopes and ideals of humanity, individually and plurally.

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